Admittedly, this first headline isn’t captivating with ingenious creativity – but it definitely gets to the heart of a very first article for a new blog. So let’s start with the most important question at all: What kind of topics will be covered in this blog? Well, I would describe it with the terms: Travelling, being outdoors and on the road; as well as discovering and adventures. And not to forget: Stories! I want to share my many encounters with great people, small and bigger adventures, and all the more or less strange circumstances I have faced until now – and will be facing in the future. In addition, of course, I want to pass on my (sometimes hard earned) experiences about travel solo, as well as giving recommendations for other travellers. Last but not least, we will pepper the whole stuff with a variety of personal interests, but always connected to travelling and discovering. Et Voilà – this is my “Me and the Atlas” blog.

And why am I now among all these bloggers?

Simply because I was forced to. (*Giggle*) But serious: Indeed, I was addressed several times and were asked if I wouldn’t be interested to publish my travel stories in a blog. Then, the final decision to really start a blog arose. And now, after a long lasting preparation time, it’s finally ready for its audience. First and foremost, I hope to entertain or even amuse my readers with my articles and the stories behind them.

For what it’s worth, it’s never too late.

For more than (or rather only) four years, to be more precisely just starting on my 30th birthday and thus entering a new decade of life, I travel very much and often – usually without permanent company – where my interests or yearnings aka my “Wanderlust” leads me to. And since my very first solo journey in December 2012, I always return home with an extra suitcase fully packed with nice and/or exceptional stories. The keen talent of maneuvering myself unintended right into ridiculous or impossible situations, inevitably leads to a huge richness of worth telling and sometimes even crazy stories. In addition to these kind of stories – I guess I should name them “The Cabinet of Curiosities” – a traveller continually meets fantastic and unique people on his or her way. That is why I not only want to tell my own stories, but also the stories from and about other people I have met and remember until today. With all these nice, funny and crazy stories, as well as hopefully some useful recommendations, I hope to encourage others to travel much more often – and if it is necessary, even to go on a solo travel (even as a woman – quite obvious!). Everyone of us should be much more often outdoors and away to discover our fascinating and awesome world.

and Action, please!

I wish everyone fun with my blog, hopefully many nice trips by yourself, and good entertainment with all the following blog posts and topics. For me, there is nothing more to say – except for: “… aaaand Action, please!” 🙂 

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